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Sep 20, 2023

Another year in statistics was recently made public, and according to the new stats, there have been some changes on the list of Oklahoma's most dangerous cities and towns.

Sure, the list looks a little suspect at first, but it's only due to the way the data is compiled. As we've talked about before, statistics are just statistics, they don't always paint a true picture.

Towns with smaller populations and higher property crime tend to rank "more dangerous" than others with crazy-high violent crime... because that's how the math works out.

Truth be told, there are a few traditionally safe Mayberry's on this list, but the numbers don't lie. While surprising, you can't deny the truth.

Scroll through the photo gallery below to see the top 24 towns & cities in Oklahoma. Check out the photo gallery below. WARNING: some of these could be considered offensive, more like VERY OFFENSIVE so if you're easily offended proceed with caution.